The HAS Program or HIV/AIDS/STD Prevention and Awareness featuring The Check Yo’ Self Crew (CYC) will give the ”need to know information” regarding HIV/AIDS/STD education and prevention information, and will distribute condoms to inner-city African American females and Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) ages 13-24 on the level that is best understood and received.


HAS promotes healthy sexuality that includes education on issues of gender, sexual orientation, healthy relationships, values, hygiene, mental health, myths about sex and self-love, self-respect and self-esteem. Sexual health education through HAS also addresses social issues impacting African American and other youth, such as drug and alcohol use, homelessness, violence, and prostitution.

It is the intention of HAS to build upon its work in reducing HIV/STD risk behaviors among sexually active African American teenagers, as well as expand our programming to include the following two areas:  Nutrition (obesity prevention) and Fitness (promoting an active, healthy lifestyle among urban young people, ages 13-24).   Our underlying philosophy is relationship building, wellness, and empowerment.

Our Goal:

Is to provide the most current and factual information, which will lead to a better understanding of HIV/AIDS/STDs.  We will dispel myths and mis-education surrounding HIV/AIDS/STDs.  We will use this information to empower our peers, the community and ourselves.  Our intent is to change behavior for a healthier/safer lifestyle.

Our Duties:

Are to meet the needs for and around HIV/AIDS/STDs prevention for street cultured or at risk youth in diverse ways that are specific to culture, sexual orientation, with a non-discriminatory policy regardless of language, behaviors, relationships, disabilities, gender identification, religion, economic status, family and/or professional morals and  ethics.  We give the “need to know information” through presentations, street outreach, (indvidual) one on one interventions, group level interventions, performing arts, conventional and unconventional teaching methods.

Program Activities include but are not limited to:

*  Street Outreach

*  Community and Social Events Outreach

*  Presentations

*  Information on HIV/AIDS/STDs transmission to youth and families.

*  Individual risk assessments and referrals.

*  Assistance in obtaining HIV/AIDS/STDs testing.

*  Individual Level and Group Level Interventions with youth and family members.

HAS promotes consistent use of condoms, correct STD information, and provides access to age appropriate HIV counseling and testing.  Under the auspices of the Check Yo’ Self Health & Wellness Center, the following programs are also offered:  Safer ChoicesSIHLE, & Sister to Sister.

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