The HSRA Check Yo’ Self Health and Wellness Program administers the SIHLE (pronounced See-lay) curriculum, a CDC approved Diffusion of Effective Behavioral Intervention (DEBI).  The Swahili translation of the word SIHLE is, “beautiful,” and is often used as a woman’s name in Africa.  SIHLE is an acronym for Sisters Informing, Healing, Living, and Empowering.  The DEBI curriculum, SIHLE, is a culturally specific, peer-led, intervention program that includes group-level social-skills training aimed at reducing HIV risk behaviors among sexually active African American teenage females, ages 14 – 18.

Curriculum Features:

  • Once a week classes over a four week time period
  • 10-12 girls per week
  • Baseline evaluation, 30-day evaluation, and six (6) month (180-day) evaluation
  • Peer-led leaders who facilitate workshop/sessions under direct observation of an adult facilitator
  • Delivered in a non-school setting


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