Sister to Sister

Sister 2 Sister (S2S) is a brief 20-minute, one-on-one, skill-based HIV/STD risk-reduction behavioral CDC-approved intervention for sexually active African American women, ages 18 – 45, that is delivered during the course of a routine medical visit.   The following are the goals of the S2S Program:

  • Reduce the rate of new infections of HIV and STD among girls and young women, ages 13-24.
  • Help to eliminate health disparities in HIV/AIDS and STD’S among girls/women.
  • Reduce the risk factors and increase the protective factors to prevent HIV and/or STD infection.

Curriculum Features:

  • Brief 20-minute one-on one sessions
  • One session – family planning, HIV/AIDS/STD education, HIV/AIDS/STD testing


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